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MoonieLovesNewGround's News

Posted by MoonieLovesNewGround - 1 day ago

I was thinking about making an animation on this, but I realized this would just take way too much time. So I’ll just tell you with a news post.

Everyone is aware of the famous Rhythm game, Friday Night Funkin. The devs just launched Week 7 exclusively on NewGrounds. No, not itch.io just yet. So LOADS, or even MILLIONS of NewGrounds users and people from itch.io logged onto Friday Night Funkin at the same time. It was WAY too much people for NG to handle. So it crashed.

I didn’t know about FnF Week 7 until yesterday. I logged on to my account, and tried to go to PuffballsUnited’s profile. It said ERROR. I thought it was just me, but NewGrounds actually stopped working. Fortunately, while I was at school, Tom Fulp fixed NewGrounds, but deleted Friday Night Funkin so they could “increase capacity and prepare to give Week 7 another go”.

The devs also released the Friday Night Funkin Kickstarter Campaign! Go show the devs some love and show them that you are patient little funkers waiting for Week 7 AND that you forgive the devs for what the frick has happened. I know I already forgive them! Yes, I do think Friday Night Funkin fans should be “Funkers”.

PS- I am working on another animation! No, seriously.


Posted by MoonieLovesNewGround - 11 days ago

Tom Fulp’s Birthday is coming up! He will be 43. Let’s surprise him this year...any suggestions?

PS- We CAN’T let Tom see this



Posted by MoonieLovesNewGround - 1 month ago

Hi everyone. Me again. I just wanted to point out that you CAN play Flash games without NewGrounds player. It worked for me, so you probably won’t have any issues.

1.- Go to any Flash Game.

2.- Copy and paste this after the last letter/number-/format/flash?emulate=flash

Now you can play ANY FLASH GAME! I really hoped this helped for you guys!

Posted by MoonieLovesNewGround - 1 month ago

Hey everyone, long time no see eh?

I am very sorry I haven’t posted in a month. I want to be active at least once a week now.

im just writing to let you guys know I am NOT DEAD ok?

Posted by MoonieLovesNewGround - February 23rd, 2021

Hi, I haven’t updated in a while, sorry!

I have decided to post the original animation later after the contest concludes. However, I am still posting an entry. I hope you guys are excited!

Posted by MoonieLovesNewGround - February 19th, 2021

Hey guys, It’s Moonie here. I would love to participate in the FNF Jam contest. I already have an animation planned and in progress. My inspiration is....PriVer Animation! (And Friday Night Funkin of course).

Who is PriVer? Priver is run by someone who makes animations about cats! Once there was an animation about a singing battle, and it was a perfect fit!

Here is the inspiration link...Click me for Cute Cats!

The rules say to have an NG watermark, which means starting all over again. I plan to work on a small chunk every day. I’m supposed to get an Apple Pencil soon anyway.

I also simply asked the lead dev of Friday Night Funkin (ninjamuffin99) for some online artwork, not money.

If you want to enter the contest too, click me and post “Friday Night Funkin is on YouTube to confuse people!

Thats it, good evening everyone! Have a nice rest! And a great weekend

Posted by MoonieLovesNewGround - February 18th, 2021

Thank you guys so much for 1 MONTH on NewGrounds and Level 3!

Posted by MoonieLovesNewGround - February 17th, 2021

So, I didn’t mention it, but I decided to take a small break from animation and started on a fan fiction of Doki Doki Literature Club.

I decided to go back to animating, but I have no idea what to MAKE.

So, it’s up to you guys...should I make...

A-Henry Stickmin


B-Super Mario

Vote in comments!

Posted by MoonieLovesNewGround - February 14th, 2021


Posted by MoonieLovesNewGround - February 13th, 2021

No, it won’t be published ANYWHERE except for NewGrounds. It will be about my OC joining the Literature Club in DDLC (Doki Doki Literature Club)! No no, it won’t have that Yandere stuff in it. I will make it kid friendly for everyone! I will publish the cover soon.